Our Solutions


LTA offers transport solutions adapted to the needs of each customer. This is why we have a wide variety of specialized equipment suitable for all types of merchandise and handling.

We have, among other things, trucks and trailers for transporting goods including the following types (non-exhaustive list):

  • Rigid: A fixed trailer that can be used when access is restricted.
  • Platform: A versatile trailer without side walls that can handle containerized or non-containerized cargo. This type of trailer is generally used for oversized cargo; industrial and baggage.
  • Low-loader: A trailer with an adjustable platform height allowing the transport of particularly large or imposing goods.
  • Self-loading trailer: A vehicle with equipment that can load and unload containers from the trailer.

Our equipment allows us to easily perform our following transport services:

  • Delivery of full import containers from the Container Terminal to the customer's site
  • Positioning of empty containers for export from the parks to the customer's site and returned to the container terminal
  • Transfer of empty containers
  • Pre & post delivery of full containers
  • The porting of conventional goods from the berth to the hold store
  • Transfer of conventional goods from the berth to the customer's site
  • LTA will not only provide fast and safe transport of your goods, but can also be a major player in your supply chain.